Pastors, Clerk, Elders, & Deacons

At Williamsburg CRC we have a selected council of leaders to direct the leadership of the church. From our elected elders, deacons, our stated clerk and our called pastors. 

Lead Pastor

Pastor Gregg

Pastor Gregg entered ministry later in life and with his wife Laurie at his side, he has brought his life full of experience to Williamsburg CRC. He is a graduate of Tyndale Seminary (MDiv) and Calvin Seminary (EPMC). He has two grown children and two grandchildren. His mission is to reach out to those in the church and those affected by the church, in order that together we grow into a deeper understanding of our faith, and see the relevance of Jesus Christ in our every days lives. 

Pastor Gregg Lawson phone: 613-438-4774

Youth & Young Adults Pastor

Pastor Joe

Joe came to Williamsburg CRC in 2011 after enduring and enjoying many years of university and seminary. He relishes the challenge of ministering to the younger generation of the church, having discussions about all sorts of topics, meeting them where they’re at and pointing them to the true joy that’s found in Christ. He and his wife, Kristin have four young children and enjoy the outdoors, especially the Morrisburg waterfront in the summer months.

Pastor Joe Groeneveld phone: 613-535-2875

Stated Clerk

Anjo Norg

Stated Clerk

Anjo has grown up in Williamsburg CRC and after being away in his twenties returned in 2000 with his wife Kathy and son Harlem. Anjo has been involved in the congregation in various ways even though he was often away for his occupation as a truck driver. After retiring he was able to take on the task of clerk in 2023.

Anjo Norg phone: 613-978-5400

Our Church Elders

Josh Geertsema Chairman
  • John Guthrie
  • Andrew De Jong
  • Mike Dewar
  • Mark Geertsema
  • Jack Menkhorst
  • Derrek Noort
  • Chris Johnson
  • Tony VanderVeen
  • Jason Wagensveld

Our Church Deacons

Andrew Van Veen Chairman
  • Peter Venema
  • Josh Geertsema
  • Jason Schell

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